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Just visit our stacks page on this site.You’ll get a brief description of what each stack can do. Click on „Stacks Manuals” - choose a stack and you’ll see a detailed manual (examples included). If a problem occurs while designing your website, please first visit our support page for the answer.

iDSIGN Image Slider stack:
makes webdeveloping easier

Stacks Image 45

Left you'll see a screenshot from the "Image Slider" HUD, if you hover it and click on a features you'll get an brief explanation. This Image Slider only works with Stacks 2. There are 16 predefined (8 with hover and 8 with click function) effects. Take a look at the example page to see what you can do with this stack. Don't forget to choose "Publish" before you preview or publish your page !!!

If you want a link to the image, click on the top image (in Edit Mode) and define your link inside the RW link panel.

Stacks Image 8940
Edit / Publish:
Edit Mode:
Make your design in edit mode, also define width and height
After you are satisfied with the result choose Publish (choose also Publish to view your result in RW preview mode)

Open Speed:
Define speed - the higher your value the slower it opens

Close Speed:
Define speed - the higher your value the slower it closes

Image Width:
Define width from your Image Slider (don't add px)

Image Height:
Define height from your Image Slider (don't add px)

Choose out of 16 effects. 4 hover slide-out, 4 hover Slide-In, 4 click slide-out and 4 click slide-In effects.