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iDSIGN PopUp stack: makes webdeveloping easier

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Create PopUp windows on your site without having a problem with popup blocking. You can drop as many popups as you want on your page with a skin defined to each PopUp. You can even make your own PopUp skin (Knowledge of css and image editing are necessary). For those who are not so handy (to make your own skins) just use the predefined skins. There are 4 skins available: default, white, black and yourPopUp but this one is not installed (follow the manual to install this skin and how you have to link it). If you succeed in doing that you can make your own skin. Below, you'll see a screenshot from the "PopUp Script" and 2 screenshot's from the "PopUp" HUD, if you hover it and click on a features you'll get an brief explanation.

Hover this screenshots and click on the items you would like more information about
It's not necessary to drop multiple PopUp script stacks on your page, it will only slow down your page load!
After you droped all your "PopUp" stacks inside the "PopUp script" stack and your satisfied with the result, mark publish (your content will be hidden)
If you choose to enable iconizing your PopUp's (= iconize checkbox inside the PopUp stack and/or "Start PopUp iconized"), you have to add a dock: this can be one of my build-in dock's or a homemade dock (div with ID: dock -> can be styled with css).

example: <div id="dock"></div>

If you don't want a dock, unmark"iconize" inside the PopUp stack and disable dock inside the PopUp script stack (unmark iconize inside all PopUp stacks !!!!! this is important otherwise it could result in a malfunction from your PopUp's)
Scroll / fixed
If you mark this checkbox, your PopUp will get a fixed position, so if you scroll your page when your PopUp is open, it will stay on this position
Hover icon
Tooltip beneath / above: in some cases your tooltip (when you hover a iconized popup) looks better if it appears above (or beneath the icon)
Background Dock
Depending on your design, you can change the background image from your dock (predefined: Black, Grey, White).

It's also possible to change the background from the predined dock (left or top) with your own Background image! Mark Background Dock: Homemade Bgr.and choose a Backgr. (can be a semi transparent png file)
Border Color
Choose a Border Color corresponding your design. (Only works with my predefined dock)
Homemade Popup
If you are skilled in image editing. I included a skins_template.psd which can be opened in Photoshop. I allready included the slices, the only thing you have to do is design your skin and export it for web (you'll see 9 container images which matches each container placeholder inside the HUD. If you are not so skilled, i included allready some new skins (see download file when you bought the stack). New skins will be available later for download on this page.
Don't forget to select "PopUp skin: Homemade " inside your PopUp HUD
PopUp ID
Each PopUp must have an original ID. So if you drop a second PopUp stack inside the script stack placeholder you have to give this PopUp an ID 2, and so on.
PopUp Skin
Choose a PopUp Skin. There are 3 predefined skins (default, black and white) and one available for a Homemade skin (see examples included in the download folder). Drop each image inside the corresponding Container (There are 9 containers to make a popup skin)
Start PopUp
Define in which state your PopUp has to appear on page load:

1) Closed / Hidden: this means if you don't enable a iconize dock, you'll see nothing and there is nothing to click on to open your PopUp. In this case you have to make a link to trigger the PopUp:
2) Open: PopUp appears on page load
3) Open / Not iconized: PopUp appears on page load and has no possibility to iconize (only close)
4) Iconized: PopUp appears iconized on page load. Only if you used a dock (= container where your icons have to go to), this can be a build-in dock or a homemade dock (more info see explanation "PopUp Script" stack)
Position: Scroll along /fixed
PopUp scrolls along with your page. PopUp fixed: PopUp stays on position while you scroll your page
Remember Position
This feature remembers the last position from your PopUp (after visiting another page)
Position Top / Left
Define the position on your screen where you'r PopUp have to appear.
PopUp Height / Width
Define the dimentions from your PopUp.
Text indent Title
Define the text-indent from your title (depending on the width from your icon)
ButtonBar icons
You can change the color from the small ButtonBar icons (Black, White, Grey).
Enable and disable each ButtonBar icon
No Icon
Hide your linked icon so if you want to show it on a later point of time, unmark this checkbox.
Select Icon
Browse for an icon. It wil be automaticly scaled to a predefined height.
Position Icon Top / Left
Position your icon until it looks ok for you.