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Just visit our stacks page on this site.You’ll get a brief description of what each stack can do. Click on „Stacks Manuals” - choose a stack and you’ll see a detailed manual (examples included). If a problem occurs while designing your website, please first visit our support page for the answer.

iDSIGN Sliding Panel stacks: makes webdeveloping easier

DSIGN sliding panel stacks are available for the left, right, top and bottom of your browser window and works fine in all major browsers (mac and pc). Each Sliding Panel group (for example Sliding panel left) includes a standard button version and a image replacement version (see examples). You can also drop multiple sliding panels on your page and combine them and/or define a auto-close function to each sliding panel.

Sliding Panel Left

Stacks Image 498

Sliding Panel Right

Stacks Image 503

Sliding Panel Top

Stacks Image 508

Sliding Panel Bottom

Stacks Image 513

Each manual can be triggered if you click on the icon's above.
Carefully read this manual, most issues are explained. Click on "SP Examples" to see what you can make with this stack and how you can trigger a Sliding Panel. ATTENTION: you cannot combine the "link on body" feature together with a homemade link to trigger a sliding panel !!! I added ( on the Sliding Panel Example page) a body link on 2 sliding panels ( top and bottom -> button version )