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Just visit our stacks page on this site.You’ll get a brief description of what each stack can do. Click on „Stacks Manuals” - choose a stack and you’ll see a detailed manual (examples included). If a problem occurs while designing your website, please first visit our support page for the answer.

iDSIGN Transition stack: makes webdeveloping easier

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You can use this stack to make a image transitions between images (8 effects available). It's a very easy stack - once you understand how it works you can create your own combinations. How does it work: Just drop the "Transition" stack on a page. Drop some "Transition Image" stacks inside the "Transition" stack -> Make your own combinations to make a transition.

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After you placed your images on the placeholders, click publish before previewing, publishing or exporting you website

Choose the amount of images you want to show

choose a transition effect or make your own set with following effects: sliceDown, sliceDownLeft, sliceUp, sliceUpLeft, sliceUpDown, sliceUpDownLeft, fold, fade, slideInRight, slideInLeft, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse.
By the way: you can't control on which image which transition has to occur. You can use it as follows: choose "Build a set (not stable)" and type in the appearing inputfield for example:

Each image will be devided in X amount of slices. If you set the amount of images higher don't forget also to increase the "pause Time" (also depend on the speed you set)

Define the speed from the transition (how quick the slices has to appear)

Block Columns and Rows:
All effects with the name box in it are build with a blocks effect and can be modified. The images will be devided in Columns and rows. The higher the number the smaller the blocks (don't forget to change the Pause time to complete the full transition effect before showing the next image)

Pause Time:
Define the pause time between each transition (attention, if you increase the amount of slices or blocks you also have to increase the pause time, because the transition has to be completed before showing the next image.

Disable Inside and Outside Navigation:
You can disable the inside navigation arrows and/or the outside navigation bullets (not vissible in edit mode)

Position Nav:
Position the navigation bullets (outside navigation) from the left (only vissible on preview mode)

Bottom position Navigation and Margin Bottom:
Position the navigation bullets (outside navigation) verticaly. Together With margin Bottom you can position the navigation bullets even to appear inside the image block (only vissible in preview mode).
Bottom Pos Nav values start from the bottom, so 20 px will position your bullets upward, started from the bottom. (experiment with both inputfields to understand how it works)

Image Width and Height:
Define the dimensions from the final image (click publish in the HUD to see the result)

Border Thickness and Color:
Define the thickness and color from the border around the final image

Hide Shadow:
Show or hide the smal shadow on your final image.